The Ten Commandments According to Leo Szilard
Maureen Geralyn Johnson

The Ten Commandments According to Leo Szilard follows the heroic efforts of Hungarian-born physicist Leo Szilard to stop America from dropping the atomic bombs. World War II is about over yet the same cannot be said of the Manhattan Project. Leo rallies his pacifist pal, Albert Einstein to write a second letter to President Roosevelt to urge the bombs not be deployed against Japan. Leo gets his appointment, but our great president dies before the meeting occurs. Leo moves mountains to get an appointment with President Truman, only to be handed-off at the last minute to future Secretary of State Jimmy Byrnes, who callously dismisses Leo's idea of a demonstration in lieu of deployment over the Japanese mainland. Leo turns to his fellow scientists and drafts a petition putting all on record against using the bombs except as a last resort. Just after the Potsdam Declaration, and before the petition reaches Truman, the bombs are dropped.


Writer: Maureen Geralyn Johnson