Maria Grund

Based on a true story, Barefoot is a historical drama set in early 1900's when polio was on the verge of exploding into a global epidemic. Greta, a young girl, suffers from paralytic strain of child's polio and loses the ability to walk. Although she is condemned by the disease to a short and painful life and shunned by the equally cruel, superstitious townspeople, Greta's father Albert, a rough and drunken miner, refuses to give up on his daughter. While consulting the local doctor, Albert learns of a city a few hundred miles away that is home to a hospital that has treated other children with Greta's condition and is conducting research to find a cure. Albert begins the lengthy journey on foot with little Greta tied to his back. Along the way, Albert's faith is tested as he and Greta face terrible obstacles that manifest themselves during their surreal journey through a strange and unknown countryside. Upon reaching the hospital, another journey begins for Greta, as she and Albert must surrender their independence and learn to trust in order to reach the final destination of their journey—a chance at life.