The Theory of Everything
Alon Aranya

Professor Charlie Wallace, 50's, hip, spends days and nights devoted to his research on the origin of "dark-energy" that drives the accelerated expansion of the Universe today as a means to achieving a theory of Everything in Physics. Just as he takes on teaching a graduate class on the same topic, he hits a dead end in his research prompting him to explore other approaches to his research. With Julian, Charlie's new student, revealing himself as Charlie's estranged son he has never met before, a marriage that's about to end, another student trying to kill herself when confronted by her personal transformation, and images from his past in the form of nightmares that reveal the most traumatic and dark event of his life that he's been in denial about, Charlie experiences his class first hand: in order to get everything or the theory of everything, he must get to nothing first by coming to terms with his past. From this nothing, Charlie experiences breakthroughs in his life and research.