Emergent Behavior
Andrew Chambliss

When Jason, a Ph.D candidate at MIT, stands to lose an academic grant for his compatibility algorithm, Phil, his academic partner searches for outside funding to save project. None of the investors they approach want to invest "in theory" so Phil secretly runs Jason through the program to prove it works in the real world. A grad student from Stanford emerges as Jason's match from the database of potential candidates, and an investor agrees to fund Jason's project if Jason meets the girl his program matched him with and the two actually fall in love for each other. As Jason travels across the country to meet his perfect match, he gets stuck on the road trip from hell with Maddie, an environmentalist who would have been happy if Y2K had spelled the end for the computer age. To make matter worse, when Jason finally meets his perfect match, his ex-girl girlfriend shows up looking to make amends. With his Ph.D on the line, Jason must choose between the girl science tells him he would be with, the girl he always thought he'd end up with, and the girl who drives him nuts but for some reason he's starting to like.


Writer: Andrew Chambliss