Daniel Ragussis, 33:50

Fritz Haber was a brilliant German-Jewish chemist with one of the most amazing dual legacies in history. His revolutionary process for creating synthetic fertilizers averted the greatest overpopulation crisis the world has ever known and won him a Nobel Prize in 1918. However, Haber used his genius to create the first chemical weapon, which was used during world war I.


Directed and written by Daniel Ragussis. Produced by Daniel Ragussis, Shannon Factor, Brian Hwang, and Chris Spanos. Photographed by Carlos Verón. Edited by Sara Corrigan. Music by Simon Taufique. Production design by Kay Lee. Principal cast: Christian Berkel (as Fritz Haber), Juliane Köhler (Clara Haber), Wolf Kahler (Ludendorff), Mark Margolis (Bremer), Ted Pejovich (Dean Ostwald).