Mark Decena, Trailer

As we learn more about the physiological makeup of the body and the brain, are we getting closer to understanding where love comes from and what it is, or will it remain the same life-fulfilling mystery it has always been? For anyone who has ever asked, "Why him, why her, why now?" (the name of a natural amphetamine our bodies produce when we're falling in love) looks at love from its most rational to its most emotional and fashions a distinctly modern love story. Rand (John Livingston) is a computer animator, who has created an artificial intelligence creature designed to interact with children and teach them responsibility. When his prototype is forced into practice at a school, Rand encounters Sarah (Sabrina Lloyd), a teacher he was inexplicably drawn to at his favorite bar one fateful evening. Sparks fly between them, but fundamental differences in their approaches to love and relationships slow them down to a halt. Will their differences keep them apart or will love--and maybe a little dopamine—conquer all? Mark Decena laces Dopamine with wit and charm. His assured direction, combined with terrific chemistry between the actors, makes for an outstanding debut by a markedly gifted filmmaker.