Mikki del Monico

Mikki del Monico is a screenwriter and former film/video editor. In 2004, he was awarded the Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Production Grant for his screenplay, Indelible. Production is scheduled for the summer of 2005 in Harlem. In 2003, he received her Master of Fine Arts Degree from Columbia University's Film Program, where two of his scripts (Indelible and Alto) won Faculty Honors in that year's Columbia Film Festival. Alto has been optioned by FLYBYNIGHT PRODUCTIONS in New York City. Indelible also earned del Monico the 2002 Alfred P. Sloan Award for Screenwriting. Later that year, he was awarded a Robert M. MacNamara Foundation writer's residency, where he further developed Indelible and wrote the first draft of Alto. Del Monico is currently based in Los Angeles, CA, where he works for Actuality Productions. Mikki del Monico was awarded a Screenwriting grant at Columbia in 2002 and a Feature Production grant at Columbia in 2004 for Indelible.