Norman Anderson
Norm Anderson was born and raised in the woods of Western Massachusetts without running water or electricity. A Fullbright-winning graduate of Williams College and USC’s M.F.A. Film Production program, Anderson won a Sloan Award in 2002 for his screenplay on the early life of Buckminster Fuller, Guinea Pig B. With the late filmmaker Tania Trepanier, Norm co-wrote the Sundance Lab finalist script Of Chameleons and Gods, set in Malawi, Africa. The upcoming production will be Anderson’s feature film directorial debut. He lives and works in Los Angeles as a screenwriter, director and voiceover artist. Today, he has electricity, television, plumbing and has finally mastered concepts such as "channels" and the "remote control." Norman Anderson was awarded a Screenwriting grant at USC in 2002 for Guinea Pig B

Sloan-awarded films