There are less than 72 hours left in the crowd-funding campaign for NYU Sloan project The Rain Collector, a short film about women in science in Victorian England.

Written and directed by Isabella Wing-Davey, the film received an NYU Sloan Production Grant in 2013 and went into production in Spring 2015. Based on the work of the British Rainfall Organization, The Rain Collector tells the story of women in 19th-century England who dared to get involved in science, confounding ideas of what was appropriate or expected of them.

The film is still in the midst of post-production, which is where you come in. So far, Wing-Davey and her team have raised 60% of the $7,500 needed to finish the film in preparation for the festival circuit. The funds will go to visual effects like painting out harnesses and ropes (themain character spends half of the film up a tree), as well as color correction, music, DCP creation, and more. The Indiegogo campaign to fund the film ends this Friday, November 20, and there are still rewards left to claim - depending on your donation, you could receive a poster, a DVD of the finished film, or even an associate producer credit.

The Rain Collector screened for the first time this week as part of the Yorkshire Short Film Competition at Leeds International Film Festival, and there is more exciting festival news on the horizon. But to get there, they need your support during the final hours of their Indiegogo campaign - go to their film page here to make a contribution. For more information about the film, visit their official website or their facebook page. All donations are tax deductible thanks to Fractured Atlas, so get out and support The Rain Collector before Friday!