Carnegie Mellon University has announced the winners of the 2014 CMU/Sloan screenwriting competition.

The Sloan Foundation described this year's finalists as "one of the best sets of submissions we've ever received." After much deliberation, the decision was made to declare a four-way tie. Each of these four screenwriters will receive a prize of $9,000:

Antarctica (pilot) by Julie Jigour
A biologist takes a post at a research station in Antarctica to investigate the mysterious death of her former lover.

Deep Sea Divers of 1930 by Savannah Reich
After being disinherited by his father, a fun-loving socialite sinks the remainder of his fortune into building the very first deep-sea submarine, and in the process proves to a group of passionate scientists and to himself that he is worth more than the sum of his bank account.

Finding Tom Harvey by Josh Ginsburg
A young journalist, an old pathologist and Einstein's brain travel in a blue Skylark across America to put an end to one of science's biggest mysteries--but can they end a witch hunt that has raged for four decades?

Science Fair the Musical by Tracy Held Potter
Katie is so excited about starting her senior year and saving the world that she bursts into song. However, when her parents ban electricity because it's bad for the environment and her best friend gets a different partner for the science fair, her only hope for winning the science fair--and getting a hot veggie burger--is a willingness to compromise and the possibility that her biomethane generator can turn plants and poop into sustainable energy.