Athena Film Festival

The Athena Film Festival (AFF) and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation have partnered to support the development and dissemination of inspiring films about women in STEM. The program will support talented female filmmakers and screenwriters to develop a rich pipeline of gifted women filmmakers who can bring their voices and visions to the film industry. Together, AFF and the Sloan Foundation hope to disrupt the status quo, and inspire new generations with the often untold stories of female leaders in STEM fields.

The partnership helps to fund a number of programs at the Athena Film Festival, specifically their Parity Pipeline Program, to provide support for women filmmakers at all stages of development by offering workshops and masterclasses for younger, less experienced women as well as those who are more accomplished.

The partnership supports: two Alfred P. Sloan Fellowships that will enable women screenwriters with STEM-related scripts to attend the Athena Screenwriting Labs; the Alfred P. Sloan Athena List Award that provides a $20,000 development grant to an Athena List Finalist or Winner with a STEM-themed script; a STEM Showcase at the Festival; the screening of a science-themed documentary featuring female scientists or technologists at the Festival; and a panel discussion at the Festival.

The Aquanauts  - Rachel Caccese    

Scarce  - Mrittika 'Mou' Sarin    

The Countess  - Irina Rodriguez    

The Home Front  - Rosalind Grush  

Talk Black  - Destiny Macon  

A Bridge Between Us  - Gina Hackett  

The Gatekeeper  - Jennifer Vanderbes    

Mileva  - Nicola Lanthier-Rogers ,  Emilija Gašić    

Public Health  -  Myra Aquino  

Push It!  - Mirella Christou    

Bound by Ice  - Nancy Kates    

Phantom  - Jennifer Noonan    

Ray of Life  - Kate Sheffield  

Standard Error  - Bárbara Soares    

What the Eyes Don't See  - Cherien Dabis  

Activated  - Cara Greene Epstein  

Lucky 13  - Denise Meyers    

Nightingale's Bloom  - Mary Elder