The Seed of Truth W. Y. Geng, Trailer

In 1952, a prominent Soviet scientist was arrested and pressured to sign a confession to save his family. Later, the Soviet regime executed him for telling the truth by openly criticizing the director of the science academy who adamantly promoted pseudo-science. Based on a true story, The Seed of Truth illustrates the tragedies of Stalin’s Soviet regime, ignoring scientific facts leading to the starvation and death of millions of citizens. Outrageously, the regime persecuted over 3,000 biologists who stood for scientific truth. Set in both the 1952 Soviet Union and the 2010 Trump Administration, the story depicts the perils of intruding politics and ideology into the affairs of science.


Written and directed by: W. Y. Geng
Produced by: Rebecca Chu, Lisa Xiaojia Li, and W. Y. Geng
Edited by: Anna Khusnutdinova
Music by: Ethan Harbour
Principal Cast: Dove Meir, Charlotte Raith, Virginia Shannon





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