Photo of Katla Sólnes

Katla Sólnes

Katla Sólnes is an inventive, wry, aesthetically driven, and distinctly feminine writer-director with a diversified background in advertising, primarily scriptwriting, and editing. Prior to her master’s degree, she spent four years as a full-time editor at a competitive advertising firm, working on everything from commercials to documentaries and music videos. She is currently in her thesis years at Columbia’s illustrious MFA film program.

Her first short, AÐ VORI or WITH THE ARRIVAL OF SPRING, went to festivals worldwide, winning awards in directing in Detroit and St. Petersburg. Her current short, MAKE A WISH, BENÓNÝ starring A24’s LAMB’s Björn Hlynur, is in post-production. She has two shorts in development, one a textured environmental film about the rising sea levels, THE OLD WOMAN AND THE SEA, starring Edda Björgvins (fully funded by The Icelandic Film Fund), and her thesis from Columbia, the fantastical and feminist fable Embla supported in part by the Indian Paintbrush Fund.