Justine Beed

Justine Beed was born in Washington DC, and raised in Moscow, Windhoek, Ellicott City, Mexico City, Asunción, Tokyo, and Cairo. Her screenplays and short films are all female-driven, cross-cultural coming-of-age stories. In 2017, she graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Anthropology and Creative Writing. Since moving to LA, she’s worked as a script analyst for the Sundance Institute, personal assistant to director Bola Ogun, podcast writer for Spotify’s Parcast, chat-bot writer for the dying, and a cram-school teacher to Second Graders. She’s also been a member of Lena Waithe’s Hillman Grad Mentorship program and the Impact Creative Network. She's previously interned for Star Thrower Entertainment, Winterlight Pictures, Roadside Attractions, and The My Hero Project. She’s currently pursuing an MFA in Film and TV Production at USC.