Photo of Beth Ann Powers

Beth Ann Powers

Beth Ann Powers is a playwright, comedian, theater artist, screenwriter, and snarky little rascal. In 2017, Beth Ann received her degree in Theater Arts, Performance Creation from the University of Minnesota and is currently pursuing an MFA in Dramatic Writing from Carnegie Mellon University. Additionally, she has trained in television writing at The Comedy Lab with Kim Howard Johnson, as well as attended sketch and satire classes at IO Theater, Second City Theater, and The Institution Theater. Beth Ann has seen her work produced regionally with such companies as Little Lifeboats, The Playwrights Center, Phoenix Theater, Theater Unbound, Raw Sugar, and Umbrella Collective. She is also a former company member of the Minneapolis based sketch comedy troupe, Rinky Dink Operations. In 2015, Beth Ann helped co-found the production company Slap Happy Studios, for which she now serves as Artistic Director. Beth Ann is currently a staff writer for the satire website,