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Thomas Mendolia

Thomas Mendolia is a director, working in Los Angeles, CA. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he was moved to a small town in North Carolina at a very young age. His father insisted on staying true to their ways and brought him up with a strong, working-class, Italian-American upbringing. Being from "The North,” but raised in "The South," Thomas never quite fit in with either of these two worlds, which put him in the position of an observer, which would benefit him as a storyteller later in life. The fast-paced, loud, bullheaded "Mendolia Family" created intense passion, work ethic, and a fascination with family and its dynamics. At the same time, the slow, communal, and magical Southern culture instilled him respect for silence as well as an affinity for magical realism. He took to filmmaking at a young age as a means of self-expression, focusing on magical realism as a means to further explore the reality and familial relationships around him. As he continues to explore his craft, he looks to find new ways to share his internal emotional journeys and making them universal to the world through filmmaking. His credits include but are not limited to: Directing: Shorts: MR. THISFORTHAT, OVERNIGHT (2019 Flyway Film Festival Winner “Best Student Short”), WHEN TREES FALL (2018 Semi-Finalist Los Angeles CineFest & Hollywood Screenings Film Festival), VOID (USC), THE MAGICIAN'S ASSISTANT, CUBA LIBRE, LETHE AVENUE (official entry in 2015 NYC Filmmakers Festival), and THE HOLLERS.