Femke Wolting

Femke Wolting is one of Holland’s leading independent media producers. She is one of the founders of Submarine, an independent production company for documentaries, games, animation and transmedia. Since its formation in January 2000, Submarine has produced documentaries such as ‘The story of Hans Joachim Klein’ and ‘My Second Life’, the first documentary shot inside second life. Submarine created an extensive game for renowned director Peter Greenaway and produced Greenaway’s documentary Rembrandt’s J’accuse. Also Submarine produced a variety of games and animation series such as Kika & Bob.

From 1994 to 2002 Femke Wolting was the initiator and programmer of Exploding Cinema – a program of the International Film Festival Rotterdam that explored the future of media, and featured exhibitions, conferences and film programs. Between 1995 – 2000 she worked at the Dutch national public broadcasting network VPRO as staff member of the digital department, and as editor and director for two of VPRO’s documentary series. Since 1999 Femke Wolting has directed documentaries, such as It’s The End Of TV As We Know It – a two-hour television and web documentary about the future of television; the cross media documentary Sneakers – about the rise and rise of the sports shoe; Viktor & Rolf: “Because We Are Worth It”, which followed a year in the lives of avant-garde fashion designers Viktor & Rolf; and most recently Another Perfect World – a documentary about digital utopias and online worlds.