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Andy Watts

Andy Watts is a New York City filmmaker. Deathdealer: A Documentary (2004) is the third short film Andy's written and directed. His two previous films, Concrete (2001) and Rats and Roaches(1999), were made while attaining a M.F.A. in screenwriting at Columbia University's Graduate Film Program. Rats and Roaches was screened in numerous international festivals (Italy, England), was part of a screening of comedy shorts sponsored by Nickelodeon, and was licensed by HBO in 1999 where it played repeatedly on both Cinemax and HBO for almost two years. Concrete was made in part from a generous grant from the Alfred P. Sloan foundation for reflecting science in a fair and positive light. Having screened at numerous festivals (Urbanworld, L.A. Shorts International, Harlem Film Fest), the film was also licensed for broadcast on Japanese television. Bibles, another short script that Andy wrote, won the prestigious 1999 New Line Cinema Development Award at Columbia and was produced in April, 2000 by Raindance Pictures. He also directed a number of music videos for local NYC bands in the mid nineties, and was fortunate enough to write and direct segments of the show Cinematherapy on Lifetime Television. Massachusetts, a dark drama, was a quarter finalist for both the Nicholls Screenplay Competition and the Sundance Screenwriters Lab in 1999. The psychological thriller The Dark Season, was workshopped extensively at Columbia master classes taught by Peter Farrelly (Stuck on You, There's Something About Mary) and Jamal Joseph (NY Undercover, Oz). Andy Watts was awarded a Production grant at Columbia in 1998 for Concrete.