Photo of Dawn Spinella

Dawn Spinella
“Family night in my home meant making our own candy, playing poker by lantern and passing the joint to the adult next to me.” Raised in Northern California by social escapists, Dawn grew up without electricity or running water most of her young life. “I relied on my imagination to fill in the blanks." Dawn worked as a creative director in commercial production, earned her SAG card doing extensive on-camera work in industrial and commercial projects, and honed her directing chops in the theater. She’s drawn to stories of underdogs who achieve great personal victories in spite of, and due to, their own character flaws. “I was honored to direct Kathleen Chalfant in Eve Ensler’s V-Day. We sold out a 1200 seat house and raised $40,000 for battered girls and women.” Dawn is also addicted to the inherent danger of road cycling, awesome fight scenes, and Jason Bourne. With an M.A. in Creative Writing, and an M.F.A. in Screenwriting (UCLA), Dawn looks forward to many years of making specialty coffee drinks at her local Starbuck’s.