Mike Cahill

Mike Cahill is a writer, director, producer, cinematographer, and editor. After studying Economics at Georgetown, Mike worked as a field producer, cinematographer and editor at National Geographic, making over a dozen films on sharks, turtles, and other animals. His shows have aired in over 140 countries on the NG Channel. Mike co-directed the Cuban documentary Boxers and Ballerinas, which won the Global Landscapes Directing Award at Cinequest, and Best Documentary at Brekenridge. Mike produces, directs and shoots programs for MTV, including the Emmy Award winning True Life, Hit Me Up, and The Drop Out Chronicles. Mike co-founded an Internet startup company in China called Red Ladder Media, which creates and distributes lifestyle content to the young urban Chinese. Mike also edited Leonard Cohen I’m Your Man (Toronto, Sundance, Berlin) and Everyone Stares: the Police Inside Out (Sundance). Mike creates paintings and video art, which can be seen at dayoldteeth.com. He was recently chosen to direct a large-scale installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles, which was exhibited in March 2009. Mike Cahill won the Feature Film award at The Sundance Film festival in 2011 for Another Earth