Lisa Krueger
Lisa Krueger grew up in the suburbs of San Francisco and attended the University of California at Berkeley. In her Junior year she was one of three undergraduates to be invited to the university's graduate-level Paris Film Program. After her year in Paris, Krueger returned to Berkeley, where she wrote an honors thesis on film music. After graduation, she returned to Paris, where she continued her studies under the direction of Christian Metz at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, and taught English at the University of Paris and at the American Center for Students and Artists. She began experimenting with the American Center's extensive video equipment, and was commissioned by the Center to create a series of video vignettes for use in its classrooms. Moving to New York City, Krueger worked briefly as an assistant to the video curator of the Museum of Modern Art, and then became a production manager for Academy Award-winning director Zbigniew Rybczynski. She also line-produced the American segments for Alain Tanner's La Vallée Fantôme and Pierre Granier Deferre's La Couleur de Vent. Eager to move from production to directing, Krueger took up script supervision, or continuity, as a kind of "earn while your learn" film school. As a script supervisor, she worked closely with such directors as Jim Jarmusch (on Mystery Train and Night on Earth), Abel Ferrara (King of New York) and James Ivory (Mr. and Mrs. Bridge), and was able to absorb first-hand the creative and technical aspects of movie-making. Krueger's first feature-length screenplay, Manny & Lo, was honored by Robert Redford's Sundance Institute when it was chosen for its 1994 June Filmmakers and Writers Lab. Lisa Krueger won the Sloan Filmmaker Fund at the Tribeca Film Institute in 2009 for Sugar Pill