James Darling
James Darling was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. As a young child he studied cartooning and animation but as Darling matured he was more drawn to writing. In high school, he rediscovered the world of motion pictures and directed a series of pop-culture film parodies that were screened for his entire school and competed in several teenage film festivals. At New York University, Darling wrote and directed Mom Vs. The Undead, a zombie-satire that premiered at the Fantasia Film Festival. He also wrote, directed and starred in NYU and You, a tongue-in-cheek 1950s educational film about coming to college, which is now screened each year to incoming students. Darling is currently working on his thesis film, American Refugee, a speculative piece about the reinstatement of the military draft and the revived Underground Railroad to Canada. Currently, he works professionally in the relatively new field of On-Set Editing. James Darling was awarded a Screenwriting grant at NYU in 2005 for In Motion