What (Deep) Dreams May Come

Thanks to Google’s Deep Dream, we now know that when androids sleep, they dream of dogs. Creepy dogs. Everywhere. Oh, and pagodas too.

Since the reveal of the Google “neural network” project known as Deep Dream back in June, the Internet has been flooded with trippy psychedelic imagery, much of it featuring weird looking dogs, eyes and brightly lit pagodas in unexpected places. The Deep Dream algorithm tweaks Google image recognition software so that when images are fed into it, the network looks for patterns and spits out a variation that represents what it thinks its seeing in the original image.

This has mainly been used for Internet LOLs with still photos, but smart coders have started figuring out how to push moving images through the software, Deep Dreaming clips one frame at a time. Here’s a section Dreamed from the already pretty trippy Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas:

Will it be long before we’re treated to a Deep Dreamed Avatar? How about Gone with the Wind? Perhaps Benji might be more apropos? What might the program do with 101 Dalmations? We’re guessing it might be more like 1,000,000,000,000,001 Dalmations and Many Pagodas after a few hours of processing.