Coolidge Corner Theater

The Sloan Foundation's partnership with Coolidge Corner Theater’s Science on Screen program provides an opportunity for both those Sloan-winning films that reach completion and those that have won Sloan prizes at festivals to be shown at nonprofit cinemas nationwide.

Science on Screen creatively pairs screenings of classic, cult and documentary films with lively introductions by notable figures from the world of science, technology and medicine. Each film is used as a jumping-off point for the speaker to reveal current scientific research or technological advances, providing the perfect combination of entertainment and enlightenment–for even the most science-phobic culture vulture.

Stay up-to-date on upcoming Science on Screen programs and buy tickets:

JONATHAN BIRD'S BLUE WORLD, "Deep Dive: Ocean Exploration." March 6, 7pm.

HUGO, "In My Mind's Eye: The Science of Optical Illusions." March 18, 10am.

Films by Isabella Rossellini, Roberto Rossellini, and Jean Painlevé, "Love Lives of Sea Creatures." March 26, 4:30pm. *at Museum of the Moving Image*

THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI, "Somnambulism, When Dreams Come True." May 21, 4pm. *at Museum of the Moving Image*

Sloan-supported films screened as part of Science on Screen include:

A Birder's Guide to Everything
Another Earth
Basmati Blues
Beneath Hill 60
Computer Chess
Dark Matter
Decoding Annie Parker

Druid Peak
Embrace of the Serpent

Flash of Genius
Future Weather
Grizzly Man

Hidden Figures
I Origins
Madness and Genius

Marjorie Prime

Particle Fever
Robot and Frank
Sleep Dealer
Small, Beautifully Moving Parts

The Diving Bell and The Butterfly

The Fountain
The House of Sand
The Imitation Game
The Man Who Knew Infinity

The Martian
The Stanford Prison Experiment

Valley of Saints
Whaling City

Click here for a list of participating theaters, which includes Museum of the Moving Image.