Theremin: Out of the Ether
Brian E.F. Oakes, 4:05

In the 1920’s, Leon Theremin was world-renowned as the father of electronic music and the toast of Manhattan’s cultural elite. He had his own studio and invented various electronic instruments, including the Theremin and the Terpsitone. Theremin’s career was cut short in the late 1930s when, on a visit to the U.S.S.R., he was arrested and imprisoned on false charges of espionage. He never fully returned to music. THEREMIN: OUT OF THE ETHER is an experimental film combining live-action dance, hand-drawn animation, and an imagined recreation of a Theremin-sound-light-dance performance.


Directed, animated, and designed by Brian E.F. Oakes. Sound design by Ben Martin. Music by Sara Rockmore. Production design by Angel Herrera. Principal cast: Maria Colabelli.