Amanda Tasse

A short film about illustrator, Mira’s struggle to complete work on Turritopsis dornhii while coping with short term memory loss from temporal lobe epilepsy. Mira is inspired by a friend’s 6-year struggle to be accurately diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy. During that time, she lost days and hours of her life due to short-term memory loss from seizures. Amanda intends to expose the condition, which is under-represented and still not commonly understood, and to communicate the complex emotions associated with having a brain disorder.

Mira intermingles the metaphor of the immortal jellyfish’s life-cycle and reversal with Mira’s experience of seizure-induced memory loss and perceptual changes. Stylistically, it presents combined subjective and objective experience thematically, as further reinforced by the roles each character plays – an artist and a scientist.