Bennett Lasseter , Melissa Hoppe, 21:54

It's Sammy's first day of middle school in a new town. She wants to fit in and make friends, but Sammy has a secret. She was born a boy but knows without a doubt that she was meant to be a girl.

Stealth tells the story of one brave eleven-year-old who dares to live life as herself, and it promotes acceptance of children facing the same obstacle as Sammy—How to fit in when you're different.

Sammy makes two new best friends, but they're getting closer and closer to finding out her secret. Should she tell them? What will happen if she does? This heartwarming story will have you rooting for one little girl who has the courage to be herself against all social norms.


Directed by Bennett Lasseter
Written by Melissa Hoppe
Produced by Melissa Hoppe
Edited by Leo Chan
Cinematography by Andressa Cor
Music by Sela Alexander
Production Design by Stephanie Hass
Principal Cast: Kristina Hernandez, Liana Arauz, Keely Alona, Asia Aragon