Unnatural Science
Kendell Klein

Inspired by the life and work of veteran British Museum collector Ivan T. Sanderson.

1951. Having traveled the world’s tropics, Ivan has long been the zoologist to see strange and unusual creatures for the very first time. Naturally, when photographs of Yeti tracks along the Himalayas make international headlines, Ivan’s curiosity is piqued.

A wealthy benefactor offers to fund an expedition to pursue Yeti, and Ivan finds himself at the crossroads of his career – does he assume the classified animals as comprehensive, or pursue the legendary Yeti disavowed by mainstream science?

A firm believer that science is the pursuit of the unknown, Ivan accepts, and with his wife/longtime field partner by his side, and his ring-tailed lemur on his shoulder, Ivan sets off to the Kingdom of Bhutan in search of the hirsute biped. Taken back to the romance of the early years of his career when he discovered animals no man had ever before seen, Ivan’s passion for exploration reawakens.

But when a snowstorm strands the expedition on the mountain and his wife falls gravely ill, Ivan is forced to choose between pursuing the zoological find of a lifetime, and saving the first, and only, love of his life.