The Witness
Ioana Maria Uricaru, 16:56

Sam, a neuroscientist and specialist in neuroimaging, is called to testify as an expert witness in a criminal trial and becomes caught in a network of intense emotions that don't always agree with his scientific findings. His greatest challenge will be to separate his emotional allegiances and his professional ones, while staying true to both.


Directed and written by Ioana Uricaru. Produced by Andrew C. Richey, Phoebe Shackeroff, Joshua Tate, and Ioana Uricaru. Edited by Michael P. Shawve. Photographed by Skye Borgman. Music by Paul Apelgren. Principal cast: Patrick Lander (as Sam), Aric Cushing (Simon), Baadja Lyne (Florence), Mo Hine (Joseph), Maeva Asare (Rebecca).