Blame It On My Youth
Olive Gallagher

When Dr. "Bree" Stockton, an obsessive, almost forty-year old geneticist at Pouvrex Pharmaceuticals, learns her anti-aging drug six weeks away from launch has hit a snag, she decides the only quick solution is to take the drug herself. Within days, as Bree regains her figure, her spontaneity, and even finds romance, she discovers she’s losing her judgment, discretion and maturity. It all comes undone at the Pouvrex corporate Christmas party when Bree gets drunk, loses control, and exposes her secret experiment, causing her mature boyfriend, confused by her outrageous behavior, to walk out, convinced he’s been a pawn in some sick experiment. Faced with winning him back, saving her job and re-gaining the respect of her best friend and her nineteen-year old daughter, Bree must choose between staying young forever or using the lessons she’s learned to remain young-at heart.


Writer: Olive Gallagher