Etana Jacobson

The comedy of chemistry. In Elemental a maverick biochemist, Jana Samuel, designs a next-gen blocker for oxytocin, the human bonding chemical. Determined to overcome her addiction to players, she decides to follow in the tradition of certain Nobel-winning scientists to test on herself. When she succeeds in blocking her oxytocin and "love bonding" mechanism, she finds she's free from unhealthy love addictions. She can date like a dude! Word gets out and soon there is a frenzy for the drug: as if it were a female Viagra, allowing women to date without unbalanced bonding. As a social revolution begins, equal to the Pill or Viagra, Jana is at the center of cultural storm of sexual politics, addiction, personality...the very nature of love. Are we just our neurochemistry? Or is there something more? As Jana goes from a outcast chemist to a pop icon, she must find answers for herself...and the world.