Through the Air to Calais
Joseph Mauceri, 17:32

January 7th, 1785. The birds have dominated the skies and gone relatively unchallenged as rulers of the aerial kingdom ...until now. Eccentric French Inventor, Jean-Pierre Blanchard and his American financier, Dr. John Jeffries are embarking on a journey to become the first men to cross the English Channel in a hydrogen balloon. This unlikely pair is bringing a set of wings to row through the air, the first bag of international airmail and a bottle of cognac to celebrate their success, but before these pioneers of aviation can write their page in history, they'll need to first survive the crossing.


Directed by Joseph Mauceri. Written by Jonathan Eisen and Joseph Mauceri. Produced by Seth Kamphuijs. Photographed by Andrew Zeiderman. Edited by Mechan Hernandez. Production design by Jennifer Bash. Principal cast: Casper van Dien (as Dr. John Jeffries), Joseph Benmiloud (Jean-Pierre Blanchard).