Black Blood
Gayle Jackson

During the 1940s, Dr. Charles Drew became arguably the most renowned African-American surgeon for his pioneering work in whole blood and plasma research. He was instrumental in getting the U.S. blood donor program off the ground in WWII and developed transfusion technologies that are still used today. Fifty years later, Dr. Robin Avery discovers Dr. Drew's theories of compatible inter-racial transfusion unfounded. With the original research missing and a young patient counting on a transfusion to save her life, Robbie has only days to come up with answers. Were Dr. Drew's findings doctored or destroyed? If so, by whom...perhaps Drew himself. What begins as a quest for medical precedent becomes a race against time as Robbie must prove, in these politically-charged times, the difference between racial blood compositions, before a transfusion of incompatibly ethnic blood kills a two-year-old girl.


Writer: Gayle Jackson