John R. Baker

Teenage computer hacker Lliz Alden is convicted and sentenced to 15 years in the Talladega Federal Prison. From an underprivileged childhood, Liz lost herself in computers and used her skills to start a new life with millions of dollars funneled from frozen criminal assets. But when an alarming computer virus, named SOLID2D, sweeps the world, FBI agent Greg Hurst, the same agent that brought Liz down, recruits her to track the cyber terrorist behind the attcak. Liz's radical techniques shake up the "suits" at the FBI. But she determines the SOLID2D is benign and tracks its origin to South Korea. Reluctantly she is sent to Seoul on a high-speed chase through the South Korean underground techno society of hackers and gamers. But when she learns SOLID2D is a cyber weapon developed by the Pentagon, nobody can be trusted in the high-stakes game of cyber security. After she is framed as a cyber terrorist she must rely on her own computer skills to stop the global threat of SOLID2D and save her life before she, too, is covered up.


Writer: John R. Baker