Madness and Genius
Ryan Eslinger, Trailer

What if there was a machine that could end all disease? How would the pharmaceutical and medical industries react to such an invention that would render all of society permanently healthy? First-time feature director Ryan Eslinger poetically explores this hypothesis in this black-and-white masterpiece that he began writing when he was in 8th-grade. Fred Donovan is a bitter genius that was driven mad after he realized the results of his work on the Manhattan Project. Reduced to teaching apathetic college students, Professor Donovan is forced into a head-on collision with two of his students, Nigel and Jordan. Nigel is a prodigy who suffers from Lou Gehrig's Disease. Jordan's photographic memory is no substitute for intelligence and he cheats in order to maintain his status in the university. Together, the three academics must confront one another and themselves.