Dawn Costello Sellers
Dawn Costello Sellers taught and composed music with technology before receiving an MFA in screenwriting from Carnegie Mellon University. While at CMU, her first screenplay, Butterfly Found, co-won the Arthur Sloan Science Foundation Screenwriting Award. It has since won an Actor's Choice Award at the Screenwriting Conference of Santa Fe. Dawn studied at The New American Theater School in New York and at Pittsburgh Filmmakers. She composed music for the Off-Broadway production of "Dance With Me" by Jean Reynolds and is published with Hal Leonard Music Publishing, Alfred Music Publishers and Neil A. Kjos, Jr. Music Company. Dawn also holds a Masters of Music from Northwestern University and a Ph. D. in music from the University of Oklahoma. In between writing and pitching her work, Dawn collaborates with Santa Fe based Theater Grottesco, host to the National Ensemble Theater Festival. Dawn Costello Sellers was awarded a Screenwriting grant at Carnegie Mellon in 1999 for Butterfly Found