Skye Emerson

Skye Emersonis a screenwriter and filmmaker, recently receiving her Master of Fine Arts at UCLA's School of Theater, Film & Television. She is passionate about all things art and storytelling, emphasizing in her work strong female protagonists, as well as members of the world minority. She's an advocate for the oppressed, a voice for the voiceless and believes that film has the power to change minds and lives. Skye's lived multiple lives, including as a Project Manager, Sports App Developer and Volunteer Dog Walker. She shares her time between her homes in Salt Lake City and Los Angeles, which means that her wardrobe is in constant flux between snow boots and stilettos. Skye loves to read suspense novels and watch true crime TV, both of which have contributed to her growing insomnia and fear of basements. Feel free to reach out any time, especially at night, as she's usually awake. Awake and afraid.

Sloan-awarded films