Gillian Beth Durkee

Gillian Beth Durkee is a playwright and screenwriter hailing originally from Seattle. She has been an O'Neill National Playwrights Conference semi-finalist (The Study Group [previous title: The Bell Curve] in 2015, and Little Souvenirs in 2018), a selected playwright for the Samuel French Off Off Broadway Festival (Romance at the Shoe Factory in 2017), and a Sanguine Theatre Project Playwright Finalist (Little Souvenirs in 2018). Her screenplay Suyin the Space Junkie was a finalist for the 2017 Alfred P. Sloan Screenwriting Grant. Gillian also recently completed her first stop-motion animated short film, Heidi and Jo. She currently writes for the forthcoming web series Adulting with Jane. BA: Middlebury College. MFA: Carnegie Mellon University, Steven Bochco Fellowship and WCDAC Award.

Photo credit: Louis Stein Photography

Sloan-awarded films