Duncan Buell

Dr. Duncan Buell is the Chair of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of South Carolina, and a Professor of Computer Science & Engineering. Since 2004, Professor Buell has been part of a team auditing election data in South Carolina and discovering problems in the process that lead to uncounted votes and to the absence of data to support the vote totals certified by the state. His recent research also focuses on digital humanities; Professor Buell is co-supervising work on an interactive called Ward One App about urban renewal in South Carolina. He is a consulting factulty member in the University's Linguistics program.

Professor Buell works both locally and nationally to ensure that computer science is communicated properly to the public, especially in the K-12 school system, and that computer science counts toward high school graduation and university admission.

Professor Buell's past research interests included the algorithms and architectures for performing computations. He is author of Data Structures Using Java.