Sean Hood
Sean is a screenwriter, filmmaker, and teacher best known for horror films but more recently for action/thrillers. After graduating from Brown University with a double major pure mathematics and studio art, Sean spent several years working in Hollywood as a set dresser, prop assistant and art director working with filmmakers as diverse as James Cameron, David Fincher and David Lynch. He began writing and directing his own films in 1992 as a founding member of Filmmaker's Alliance. He continued his studies at USC's school of Cinema/Television, graduating in 1997 with an MFA in production. His student film, The Shy and the Naked (1998), won a grant from the Sloan Foundation as well as a CINE Golden Eagle award. After finishing film school, Sean got his "break" when his first major spec script, The Dorm, was purchased by MTV/Paramount in 2000. Since then, while working on genre features such as Conan and television series such as NBC's Fear Itself, his involvement with Filmmaker's Alliance has continued. He was recently awarded Los Angeles Short Filmmaking Grant, presented to him by Eastman Kodak at the Directors Guild of America, for his short film Melancholy Baby. Sean lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter. Sean Hood was awarded a Production grant at USC in 1997 for The Shy and the Naked

Sloan-awarded films