Savannah Reich

Savannah Reich is a playwright living in Pittsburgh, PA. As a founding member of the small theater companies Eternal Cult and The Catfish, she has self-produced many of her plays, three of which operated on the rock band model and toured across the country to music venues, art galleries, bars and basements. In collaboration with the director Samantha Johns, she has been commissioned to create work for the New Comedy Festival in Minneapolis, MN and the Whartscape Festival in Baltimore, MD. She has organized several large-scale collaborative site specific performances, including The Mars Project (Minneapolis MN, 2009) and 12 Hours: Sperms to Worms (Pittsburgh, PA, 2013). Her work has also been produced by Bedlam Theater, Box Wine Theater, Anam Cara Theater, and Der Vorfuhreffekt. She is the 2015 winner of the Sloan Student Grand Jury Prize, and a current MFA candidate studying Dramatic Writing with Rob Handel at the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama.