Kendell Klein

Kendell majored in Biological Anthropology at CU Boulder, focusing her studies on the behavioral and cognitive evolution of great apes. Upon graduation she was awarded the Primate Behavior Fellowship at the Lincoln Park Zoo where she worked on numerous projects examining cognition, sociality, and tool-use within the zoo’s collection of lowland gorillas and chimpanzees.

In 2010, having worked with marine mammals, birds of prey, and an ornery llama named Sparky, Kendell left her animal career to pursue film. From her experience in zoological institutions she was keenly aware of the necessity of facilitating personal connections to scientific concepts in order to engage the public’s curiosity regarding the natural world, and Kendell felt her passions were best suited at the crossroads of storytelling and science.

Kendell graduated from the American Film Institute Conservatory in June of 2014 with an MFA in Screenwriting. She is currently developing a myriad of television and feature scripts, many of which portray scientists and their work. As someone who holds a lifelong belief that science and art embody a shared objective – to boldly pursue the unknown – she is very grateful for the luminous relationship Sloan has created between the moving picture and scientific exploration.