Kathryn Bancroft
Kathryn Bancroft graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts in May 2012, receiving her MFA in Dramatic Writing. With a background in theater, she first began as a dramaturg and stage manager in the Bay Area, spending the rest of her time writing short stories, plays, and fulfilling her duties as a Northern Californian by working with a non-profit that protected state parks. In 2010, she arrived in New York, continuing her work in theater as an associate producer before finding herself at NYU where she quickly transitioned into writing for film and television. She hasn’t given up on her theater roots though, and since receiving her MFA, Kathryn has worked as an assistant director in New York as well as continued to write as an Associate Artist for Diverse City Theater Company. Kathryn Bancroft was awarded a Screenwriting grant at NYU in 2012 for The Lost Coast

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