Liz Ellison
Liz Ellison is a Chicago-based playwright and screenwriter. Her play Ten Minutes to Boston received productions in Aspen and New York in 2011 as part of the National M.F.A. Playwrights’ Festival. She is a two-time O’Neill National Playwrights Conference semifinalist, and her play The Minute Hand received a reading at the Great Plains Theatre Conference in Omaha. Her work appears in the Vintage Books anthology Shorter, Faster, Funnier. Other honors include the Mary Marlin Fisher playwriting award, the Adamson Award for screenwriting, the Eleanor Frost Prize, and the Alexander Laing Screenwriting Award. She holds a B.A. in theater and English from Dartmouth College and an M.F.A. in dramatic writing from Carnegie Mellon University. Liz Ellison was awarded a Screenwriting grant at Carnegie Mellon in 2011 for Fault Zone

Sloan-awarded films