CC Chainey
CC Chainey thrives on the chaos of cinema and her passion for story. She designated film as her career ambition at the age of 8. She produced her first USC MFA thesis project, Crossing the Canyon, as an 18-year-old, working with the special needs of motion capture technology. The following year, she produced another USC MFA thesis, shot in live-action stereoscopic 3D. Two short films she has directed or produced have been distributed nationally on AT&T cellular phones. CC has worked professionally as a Production Manager and Associate Producer, and always maintains her sense of the creative side of the business. She focuses on quality over quantity and story over genre. She loves the ability of cinema to take you to places and times that you may never have been, bring you experiences you may have never had, and yet always have something you can relate to. Lawrence and Brie is her first feature screenplay. CC Chainey was awarded a Screenwriting grant at USC in 2009 for Lawrence and Brie

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