Alex Lyras

Alex Lyras has produced two feature films to date, Mona, a romantic comedy shot in 2006, written by Robert McCaskill and directed by Alan Kirschen. The film won Best Picture at the Malibu Film Festival in 2008 and next screens at the HBO New York Latino Film Festival. His second feature as producer is Heterosexuals, written and directed by Robert McCaskill, now shooting in New York. Lyras’ third feature length script, The Polyester Philosopher, is slated for production in summer 2009.
He has numerous producing and writing credits in New York Theater. He produced his first solo performance, desperelics, in 2000 at the Gene Frankel Theater, and later at the HBO Workspace in Los Angeles. It lead to a development deal with NBC based on his characters, and a roll in Mike Nichol’ s What Planet Are Your From? Unequalibrium, his second solo effort (co-written and directed by writing partner Robert McCaskill), was produced in 2002 at the Gene Frankel in New York and selected for publication in Best Plays of 2002 and Best Men’s Monologues For the Twenty First Century. The show was produced again in LA, where it was nominated for a 2003 Dramalogue Award.

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