Xavier Tatarkiewicz
Xavier Tatarkiewicz was born in late May, which makes him a true Gemini. He was raised in Poland but at age of 17 decided to explore the Western hemisphere and moved to the States. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago double-majoring in economics and cinema studies. For a while, he pursued a career in the corporate world splitting his duties 50/50 as a consultant (in business forecasting) and a programmer. After that, Xavier decided to devote his time to filmmaking. He's an author of two hip-hop videos that aired on the Polish MTV, two feature-length scripts and two short films that he is really proud of. Currently, Xavier is enrolled at the UCLA film school finishing two MFA degrees: one in directing, second one in cinematography. He speaks two languages, holds a dual-citizenship (of Poland and USA) and loves to utilize both sides of his brain. Xavier Tatarkiewicz was awarded a Production grant at UCLA in 2007 for Humbug