Krisy Gosney
Krisy Gosney began writing for the theater, most notably writing the stage play Are These Your Panties? which premiered at Theater Rhinoceros in San Francisco. After several staged readings, Krisy turned her attention to screenwriting and graduate school. Krisy's first film I Remember Running, an experimental short, premiered at the San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and screened internationally. She earned a MA in Screenwriting from the University of Texas at Austin and then a MFA from UCLA. Krisy wrote the short films Peeling (Heidi Bollock dir.) and Between You and Me (Melissa Henry dir.) while in Austin. While at UCLA, Krisy wrote the Sloan award-winning script Rocket Man. Rocket Man is a story about how to save newly-discovered life on Mars from contamination. Krisy's most recent project was the short film Gator Armstrong Plays With Dolls which she wrote and directed. Gator premiered at the Beverly Hills Shorts Festival and has screened at festivals across the US and picked up a couple of awards. Currently, Krisy’s working on a feature-length coming-of-age-queer story which she’ll direct next year. Krisy Gosney was awarded a Screenwriting grant at UCLA in 2005 for Rocket Man

Sloan-awarded films