Penny Penniston
Penny Penniston is head of the Playwriting Program in the Theater Department of Northwestern University. Her most recent play, Now Then Again had its world premiere in Chicago in 2000. The show ran 17 weeks, received wide critical acclaim, and was awarded Chicago’s Joseph Jefferson Citation for Best New Work in 2002. Now Then Again was published by Broadway Play Publishing and received a reading at The Globe Theaters in San Diego. She previously co-authored The Roaring Girl with her husband, director Jeremy Wechsler. This adaptation of the 1611 comedy by Thomas Middleton and Thomas Dekker received a Joseph Jefferson nomination for Best Adaptation. Penniston has placed as a semi-finalist in several writing competitions, including The Chesterfield Fellowship Competition and The Fade In Competition. Penny Penniston won the Script Development award at The Tribeca Film Festival in 2005 for Love Is Brilliant

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