Laurel Minter
Laurel Minter spent many years in the trenches of theater as an actress, director and playwright. She won the King County Special Projects Grant in 2000 for her play Bone Deep and was a finalist in the Washington Aritsts Trust writing competition in 2002. She has taught screenwriting to at-risk Los Angeles youth, creating Man, where’s My Shoe, which has been accepted into multiple film festivals, and co-made the short film The Library, chosen for the 2004 Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Festival. She won the 2004 Sloan competition at UCLA, honorable mention for the UCLA Showcase competition and the 2005 Milton Sperling award for excellence in screenwriting. She has traveled and lived all over the world and without a doubt, loves the Land Down Under best! Laurel Minter was awarded a Screenwriting grant at UCLA in 2004 fro The Season When Thunder Sleeps